Absolutely Nothing

by Grandview

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Aimée My release of the year. It crept in there right at the end of 2012. It's the perfect mix of pop-punk and emo. The instrumentation is so delicious. Favorite track: Alabaster Skin.
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We would like to thank: Chris LaRocque, Steve Aliperta, Nick Stewart, John Naclerio, Chris Coe, Billy Sours, The PPB Crew, Eleni Klesaris, Libor Hadrava, Erik Lipson, Keith Murray, The Entire South Shore Music Scene, The Rose Family, The Restivo Family, The Rosenberg Family, The Helein Family, Keynote Company, Meadowbrook Records, and the following bands: The Dirty Looks, Go Long Kid, Pull Strings, Playtime Revenue, Forever Losing Sleep, Swingback, Do No Harm, All She's Got, Disregard, Late Greats, The Hotel Year, The Offseason, Fingers Crossed, Late Nite Wars, and Premier.


released December 28, 2012

Grandview is...

Lucas - Guitar
Billy - Vocals, Guitar
Tom - Drums
Josh - Bass

Recorded/Mixed by Chris LaRocque and Steve Aliperta at Kennedy Studios in Billerica, MA

Mastered By: John Naclerio at Nada Studios



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Long Island, New York

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Track Name: Alabaster Skin
All I wanted was peace of mind, a break from indecision, to settle these undefined wants and needs. If you asked me how I'm holding up, I'd say I'm doing just fine. I know the right thing to do, the right thing to say, is I hope you're happy. But I hope you know, I was never one to choose my words so carefully. And I hope you know, I hope you're fucking miserable, just like me. Throw your heart out on the ground; watch it skip a beat, right next to mine.
Track Name: Pillars
When you said forever, you drove a hard bargain. But this grip is getting looser everyday, like a child fighting to stay awake. Now it seems that all that's left is you and me and my insecurities, and I'm afraid there's only room for two of us. But I wonder if you even have a clue just how much this is killing me. For now I'll learn to retrace my steps, and walk down yours for the last time. All you had to say was it's over, and it's alright, and we could carry on. I swear I never meant for this, but so it is, and so it goes. And I swear I never meant for this, but sometimes you have to pull up roots to make room for new ones to grow. We're just shards of a smashed bottle, lost with the words unspoken. Shimmering bright but always hollow, we pretend we're something more than just broken.
Track Name: Recall, Recede
I've been counting ways that I could justify the choices I've made that led us here today. And I've been counting on you to do the same thing, but I set my expectations far too high, like always. And it's funny how we make ourselves believe that this is happiness; we're trapped inside our minds and in your basement on separate ends of a couch. I'm trying so hard, And that's the problem. I can't shake this feeling in my bones that you're just the girl who's too scared to let this go, and I'm just the boy who, no matter what, can't seem to stay content for more than an hour or so. I would spend a lifetime searching for the words to say, if it meant that this feeling in my gut would go away. I'm sick of wishing that I could have a change of heart, and running away just to crawl back to the start. I can't shake this feeling in my bones, that you're just the girl who's too scared to let this go, and I'm just the boy who, no matter what, no matter fucking what, can't seem to stay content. I guess I'm better off alone. And in the end, it doesn't even matter who you are, it just matters who I'm not.
Track Name: Absolutely Nothing
I'm finding that I'm following in footsteps I've always warned myself against. And trust me, I never wanted to feel okay knowing where they led. It kills me to think that I have to face my inconsistencies, and realize that there's a big difference between who I am and who I want to be. These city lights have never looked so beautiful, and so dull at the same time. I know I only want what I can't have because I'm too afraid of taking what I can. But I'll hold on to every ounce of uncertainty, because that's what's keeping me alive.