Broadcaster | Shot Not

by Broadcaster | Shot Not

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A four song album, with two songs by each of the bands.


released September 10, 2011

Jesse Litwa: Guitar, Vocals
Tom Kelly: Bass
Anthony Vito: Drums

Shot Not:
Alec Brownwortn: Drums
Tom Hanley: Bass, Vocals
Neill Cawley: Guitar, Vocals



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Track Name: Broadcaster - Take Me Back
Twenty-two years with the same damn luck
But no one can say, "You didn't learn too much"
Cause the kids who called you a fag in the halls
Are working at the shopping mall
And you remember how it felt to count
Down all the days till you could just get out
And you wrote your lyrics on your bedroom wall
But no one seemed to care at all
So we're singing..
Take me back to grade school, take me back in time
I want to color crayons outside all the lines
Take me back to high school for a second try
I want see the faces that always spit on mine
Twenty-two years, but the fact remains
No one wants to hear your songs again
But you'll keep on at it till the clock runs out
Cause soon enough they'll come around
And maybe try to redeem themselves
Cause everybody's friends when there's a band to sell
But you can't have your morals and your money too
And which one did you think they'd choose?
Track Name: Broadcaster - Modern Art
Your words ain't too sentimental
You ain't got no heavy thoughts
Most of them seem just accidental
And they end where they start
And you seem so disinterested
If it isn't modern art
Well, there's more backbone in a punk rock song
Than all of your internet blog
So, prove me wrong
Let's hear your songs
And all of the kids singing along
Your actions are confrontational
Looking for an easy fight
Well, you got odd sources of information
But you claim it's alright
I don't want to hear your solutions
Of what's real lasting art
To be honest, that don't concern me much
Track Name: Shot Not - Memory
There's just nothing there (the silence is growing)
Nothing to see or feel, or nothing to laugh at
All was lost long ago once you pushed the idea
The memories filtered through the now
We know what's been said and the silence's been growing
Hear the emptiness
Maybe anger for caring isn't a fair trade
Maybe the apathy once shown was never fair
I'm wrong, you're wrong
To face it, we'll never admit it
Perhaps I wasn't the best
But I'd never do what they did
Can't think of tomorrow, cause i'm not over today
You said you were mad I was there, and I didn't care
I just wanted to let you know that I could have been there in April
To bike to my good friend's house, do nothing and sit on the couch
Track Name: Shot Not - Lost
It must have been in the backyard, we were drinking beers. The sun buried itself below the horizon. Out of place and out of time we watched another season die. Romanticize our faults and addictions, we blurred reality with fiction. But at some point, I'm left thinking this whole place is sinking down. It's hard to move forward when you're stuck looking back. Just like this dull back porch light, my future is blurred completely out of sight. Too blind to see what is really wrong with me. I am awkward and uninvited. Lonely and lost. Tracing back these meaningless memories and subconscious thoughts. Just speak up and I'll listen to you. I don't ever want to lose the time. I don't want to ever lose the time with you.