Final Breath

by Punishment Due

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    releases October 29, 2012

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thanks to: mark masterson/meadowbrook records, war tapes,
street survival records, incendiary, we can't win, provider,
foreseen, brooksite, crucial dudes, the merciless concept, tragic figure,
antithesis, tom fett, grant valentine, jimmy dinome, adam fusco, the brucato family,
johnny milano, jake "meng" zimmerman, mirko nummelin, timo survival,
andrew burke, monica reyes, delaney oliveri, genna howard, carol defranco,
ian adams,


releases October 29, 2012

punishment due is:
pete judge - vocals
christian beale - guitar
andy laurino - bass
matt brucato - drums
james walsh - guitar

music by punishment due, lyrics by pete judge
guest vocals on "final breath" by mike higgins
recorded/mixed at FTC by thomas fett
mastered by bill henderson at azimuth mastering
artwork by johnny milano/mark masterson



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Punishment Due
you talked the talk
always runnin your mouth
but just know all this time i had my doubts
when i put you on a pedestal
you only put me through pain
you know nothing of loyalty
so now i'll let you sink deeper
let you drown in your betrayl
you know nothing of loyalty
so keep talkin your talk
and keep runnin your mouth
but just know all this time i had my doubts
and all the trust i gave
all my confidence
i could never take back what you stole from me
just remember the times i was let down
through and through
your punishment's due
Track Name: Punishment Due - Final Breath
promised deliverance but you showered me in lies
you taught me about god and how we're all equal in his eyes
told me to bow down and accept this as truth
and you thought that i'd stay when i got to the root of it
i don't live for anyone
i won't follow blindly
a forcefed lie
your reason for evil
unrivaled hatred from your fuckin leaders
a man-made god
your reason for evil
unrivaled hatred from your fuckin saviors
look at your lives, look at this hatred
there's this fire that burns inside
but your light will burn out
you can stare blindly to the sky
in hopes of salvation
but there's nothing to save you
so take your final breath
no god, no master, no one to hold
no god, no savior, just hell on earth
Track Name: Born Enslaved
pull the flag over my head so my eyes can't see
we were forced from day one to sing 'my country 'tis of thee'
and everything we stood for
is now enslaving you and me
everything we fought for
this country, it ain't free
human lives are bought and sold every day
and our mouths are sewn shut so corporate thugs can have their way