Truth Hurts

by Among Giants

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FOR FANS OF: Osker, Paul Baribeau and Latterman

"This album has been in the works for well over a year now and I'm excited for it to finally see the light of day."
Among Giants

Originally Released:7/31/2012


released November 30, 2012

Recorded by: Steve Marino
Mixed and Mastered by: Tyler Bisson
Artwork by: Robbie Nicholson

Drums and bass on album by Zach Anderson, guest vocals by Cindy Blackburn, and some electric guitar and bass by Steve Marino.



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Meadowbrook Records New York, New York

Long Island, New York

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Track Name: Late Nights
Dawn breaks and I’m still awake/I’m still kind of drunk from the night before/And I lie in bed while my head is spinning uncontrollably and I start to wonder when things will work out for me/You see I’ve put too many hours into a part-time job/That never had much for me/And every now and then I like to think of way back when/When I was younger and times were simpler/But now I realize that I’ve grown and now’s the time/For me to wear the shoes of my old mans and/Things may be hard but hey kid that’s life/You sell your soul, you sell your time, and in the end you’ll be just fine/It’s sad to see the puppet that we’ve become/And how we aren’t meant to be as tied down as me/We are born to be, born to be free/And if I slowly forget the things I love and who I’ve become I will never forgive myself.
Track Name: The Pond
And even though we’ve known each other for two weeks I can say/That In that time, things moved fast/And I know that I’ll probably never see you again/But I know that that’s the way it’s meant to be/And If you take me as a god damn fool/Then I promise you dear, you’ll be mistaken/Late Nights and smoky eyes, they fill my mind with better times/And I remember how stupid I felt/When we stayed up late talking and watching/your favorite bands that I probably won’t remember/And if you take me as anything/I just hope I’m not, your bloody mistake/Across the pond you go/4000 miles to your home/Across the pond you go to your life/Of Uni, and getting fucked up/And if you take me as your America fun/At least I can say it felt pretty good too
Track Name: A Letter
Today I wrote a letter to my best friend forever and I told him how my life has been/I said ‘Rob I really miss you and I hope you’re doing fine’ and I can finally say the same for myself/You see living in a drug house isn’t as fun as it seems/And right when you are free you’re released into another/And I spend my time trying to keep my mind off of it/But when you’re always surrounded it’s hard not to, get pulled into the current/It’s time I showed some backbone I’m so much better than this/The life I have ahead of me is more beautiful than this/But still why, do I, watch random people who are burned out and fucked up lay on my couch, each night/And why, can’t I, just move forwards and upwards with my life/I’m not saying that I’m perfect, but I just know I have a purpose/I’m not saying that I’m perfect
Track Name: Cross Your Heart
Cross your heart, and pray to the god in which you believe/Because after tonight It’ll be hard for you too, find things that make you happy/And I’m crashing down every wall that you built/And I’m fucking up all of your relationships/Now for a couple of months, I’ve been trying my best to make things better/Who is to say that this isn’t how our days should be spent/And who is to say that this isn’t true bliss/And maybe it’s life, or maybe it’s just the life I know/And maybe it’s life, or maybe it’s just the life I choose/And one day soon I will wake up and see that this is not the life meant for me/And even though she might be the one who is in charge, I’m the only one who can control this/And maybe it’s life, or maybe it’s just the life I know/And maybe it’s life, or maybe it’s just the life I choose
Track Name: What's The Point?
I find myself alone in all the places that I go/And why does it seem so comforting, to sit right in this house with you all day/And I seem so sad in all the things I do to fill my time/And I don’t want to wake up for this, because my life seems so much better in my dreams/And what’s the point in trying, because good things never work/Why can’t I understand how my daily swim doesn’t make me better/And why can’t I just escape all this/Maybe it’s the way I feel when I wake up early in the morning/But lately my life has turned to shit/But no I won’t let this shit keep me down/Maybe not this day, and maybe not this week/But sometime soon I will find love again
Track Name: Get Your Shit Straight
And I might be 19 but at least I have direction/Of where to go and how to get there its something clearly you lack/And still it’s hard for me to sit back and watch some of my best friends/Let their lives slip right away just for, one more hit/And I’m not one to say anything and it’s really not my place/But man it’s time you look around and see who the fuck you are/And yeah, I’ve lived my share of nightmares and days have been hard for months on end/I’ve woken up screaming and gone to bed crying from knowing how cruel life can be/Regardless of the reason I am certain that it’s not worth it/And really who is happy with the lifestyle that you’re choosing/And I’m not one to say what you should or should not do/But as a friend it’s time to, realize you’re 22 and you need to get your shit straight/While you’re young
Track Name: There Is A Ghost
3am each night, Is the time I fear most/And sensing someone, makes home feel like hell/And Maybe it’s just me, but maybe it’s not/And maybe I can see, but maybe I cannot/There is a ghost, and I'm sure of it/ And as if god just, created this feeling/So helpless with no hope/Oh, if it’s just you I might understand you coming here/But no, it’s just not you its all of the people that I've ever hurt
Track Name: All I Want
Do you see what this has done to me/It’s getting hard to breathe/Even when I am safe, inside my own skin/Now my thoughts they race/Faster than my mind can chase/I’m finally learning to deal, with all this pressure/And still I promise you, that sometime soon/I’ll fuck things up again/And it’s October and I, can’t find a reason to try/Anything but this, because it’s all I want/And I know that you might, think that I’m trying to fight/Growing old and up, but this is all I want/And please don’t tell me that It’ll be okay, and when I’m done with school I’ll get a real job/But when the truth is that I really don’t care, I’d rather be broke and happy because this is all I want/ This is all I want
Track Name: Pack Rat
And I wish that in my life, I will grow to be/Even half the person, that you are/And I know that I could not/Find a heart half as big as yours/And when my life lacks comfort, it’s reassuring knowing/That I have a home in Wichita/I’m glad you got what you deserved/I never expected any less/The hard life’s done it’s time to sit back/And be the pack rat that we all love/And I can’t think of anyone as caring you, when you take on the challenges that blood prevails/And even though you could have walked on/On that hand that you were dealt/I can honestly say that, I’ve never been so proud/I’m glad you got what you deserved/I never expected any less/The hard life’s done it’s time to sit back/And be the pack rat that we all love/I know, you are loved.
Track Name: Albert Rhymestein
How come each night, I can’t stay sleeping at night/And when will I just, open up a pair of new eyes/Day in and out, I wake up scared/Begin my day wrong, and end my day wrong/Where I should feel fine, I really don’t/When I should feel fine, I really don’t/And maybe this is a good sign, that my life needs some changing/I’ll pack my stuff up and leave, it was the best of decision/Now I can breathe, the fresh air I need/And I’ve missed out I know, but I am thankful that I now can grow/And I wish that you were here, so I could tell you/That you are a great friend, and I couldn’t have done this without you
Track Name: East Orlando
Why do I hate my life like it’s worse than everyone else’s and/How come I sit in my room all fucking day/And tell me why is it hard for me to make friends, in a city that’s as big as one can be/Maybe that makes me a shitty person/And just because I’m quiet and I don’t drink myself to sleep each night/And I don’t care, if that makes me a fucking loser/No I don’t care
Track Name: That Time Of Year
Just because my life has changed a bit/It doesn’t make me worse than who I was/And just because I found the thing I love/It doesn’t mean that I haven’t missed you all this time/But maybe it does, and maybe it does/Now it’s over and I’m living life again/I’m counting down the days till, the road will show its face/One more semester and I’ll be gone/living out my life exactly, exactly as I want/But maybe I won’t, and maybe I can’t, just leave this town/Maybe it’s just that time of year but as of now I’m itching to keep moving on/Maybe it’s just that time of year but as of now I’m itching to settle down