by Wester

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(free) 02:30


released June 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Meadowbrook Records New York, New York

Long Island, New York

Meadowbrook Records, Inc.

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Track Name: Dampened
I feel nothing
You can wait for me here but I don't suggest you hold your breath.
This is over, you won't see me soon. I've got this feeling I'll be leaving soon.
I've lost the will to keep on arguing, what was left of this is gone.

I found the letter you left me, it read of faded memories.
You hid it safely in between a place you knew I'd one day see.
This is over, you won't see me soon.

I'm leaving.
Track Name: Rust
I don't get much light in here. These walls are hollow and so am I.
Forget not what you hear in the hollows of your mind
and from the side of the road, I saw you disappear.

You'll suffer when I am gone but I need to move on
and It's okay to cry when you think of me tonight.

There's a place inside my head where I go to be alone.
An escape from everything and you've sent me there this time
and from the side of the road I saw you disappear.

Push it out, bury it down and forget it.
Track Name: Flux
I felt the rush, the pain and anger swallowed me then
I felt your touch, I swore this would have made me feel better.

I saw the look in your eye, what a shallow empty stare.
I felt the heat of your breath but you weren't even there.

Your excuse that your head is sick, it makes me sick to my stomach.

Take me home.
Track Name: July 9th
You stepped down from your front porch so gracefully,
if I'd known of my fate that night I could have saved me.
But me knees grew weak, I could not speak.
The seasons blend together, it's not a matter of "when" anymore.

I should have gave this up by now
but it was the way you held me that night that keeps me coming back somehow.
I need a distraction or I need a sign.
The seasons blend together, all I can think about is...

(Why can't we stray far away from here and break free from this uncertainty)

I'll wait for you, just like I always do.
Track Name: February 13th
My eyes aren't opening today.
You've left me hopeless either way.
This place is so empty, it feels like Hell.
A disgrace of an escape. So, you could tell?

This prison's not a home, this was supposed to protect me.
And when it's gone you will be gone.
A vagrant memory.

What a hopeless mess this has turned out to be.
I'm right back where I started, how has this helped me?
I fell in love with shaky hands and twitching eyes.

Watch as the water turns to flames, the beautiful sunset stays the same.
I learned my lesson, I understand. This life is imperfect...
win, no one can.