Lavender Town


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released May 10, 2013

Originally self-released 05 April 2013
Engineered and mixed by Jordan Casey
Mastered by Cory Castro and Jordan Casey
All at the Pantsless Palace in Nashville, TN.

Free Throw is:
Cory Castro - Guitar/ Vocals
Lawrence Warner - Guitar
Wesley Winslett - Guitar/Vocals
Justin Castro - Bass
Tim Casey - Drums

Sound clips from "Undeclared" by Apatow Productions and DreamWorks Television



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Slam With The Best Or Jam Like The Rest
What the fuck did i just say?
I think I've ruined everything
I probably should have kept this to myself
I'll try to put my feelings on the shelf
Keep it together
You know that men don't cry
My old man told me that when i was young
Now i wonder why

I'm outside in my front yard
And I'm waiting for your call
Now I'm walking to the back yard
Trying not to let tears fall
I'm outside in my front yard
And I'm waiting for your call
Now I'm crying in the back yard
Because I don't think that you'll come around.
Track Name: Now Kith
Oh, we were the best of friends
And after all of this
I'm on my own again.

I told you how I felt
"i feel the same." you said.
But then I let us drift apart
I should have kissed you when I had the chance.
Track Name: Lavender Town
I never want to sleep again.

Last night I saw you in my dreams
I knew it was fake
Desires turn to nightmares with every chance i didn't take.

Tonight I'll see you in my dreams,
I'll know that its fake
My life is now my nightmare
Please don't let me fucking wake.

And i could sleep forever.

And someone's calling my cell phone
I'll let it ring like no one's home
I'm counting sheep
Because deep in my sleep I'm not alone.
Track Name: Pennsylvania Dutch
To say that I cared about you is an understatement
I think I'm breaking down
And the color of the leaves are changing
And they're Falling to the ground
Now I'm thinking of you and the years gone down the drain
It's a shame to think that you said you'd always love me
When you never really loved me at all.

Twelve packs and cigarettes are the only thing that help
And they are probably less detrimental to my fucking health
Than you
And I'd rather sleep alone
Than in the arms of someone that doesn't love me
You never fucking loved me

I hope he's better than me
I know he's better than me
I know he's fucking better than me
I know I never had a chance
I just don't understand why.